Not Yet Trending

Bringing uncharted territory to newsfeeds everywhere

Airbnb is uniquely positioned to reveal up-and-coming destinations

Our community of hosts is truly global with homes everywhere—even in the places you may not have heard of yet. In 2016, we partnered with Alldayeveryday to release Not Yet Trending, a social-first editorial series that shines a light on these emerging destinations. We used our internal data to analyze world travel patterns, identifying and showcasing these places through the local knowledge of our host community.

The locations may be Not Yet Trending, but our content certainly was

The results proved just how much people love to be in the know: Not Yet Trending far exceeded KPIs. It drove 2x more nights booked than expected, garnered over 1.1M cumulative social engagements (2.2x above the benchmark), and recruited 3.2x more users than anticipated. Near-term conversion rates for Not Yet Trending content were significantly higher than for traditional brand advertising.

The locations

The keystone of this series is place. Each location was captured through the wide-eyed wonder of up-and-coming photographers. With insider knowledge from their local hosts, the photographers unlocked the rewards of new geographies, unsampled cuisines, and fresh design.

Guadeloupe, an undiscovered Caribbean gem

Tbilisi, a rising star of the new East

Paraty, an off-the-grid Brazilian escape

Livingston, Montana, a modern American frontier

From every corner of the world to every corner of the internet

Since we traveled to the far corners of the world to discover destinations on the cusp of global relevance, we devised an equally broad distribution strategy to publish the series. Facebook videos, Twitter tips and ‘grams, media exclusives, and Imgur GIFs were all part of the thorough strategy to criss-cross the internet and meet curious travelers where they’re at.

Not Yet Trending provided a global storytelling platform for Airbnb

With results that exceeded expectations, this social-first editorial series will continue to travel broadly in 2017, uncovering more exploration-worthy destinations and inviting curious travelers to get off the beaten path.